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﷯l Competitive Advantage in LHPS services – When providing LHPS services ensure you have the best system out there – CareChek
ü CareChek provides a system for tracking LHPS assessments
ü Consistent method for collecting data ü Provides a tool for all LHPS personnel, so that assessments are completed timely, accurately, and completely
l Centrally store and monitor data for all active facilities
ü Track general information, including insurance information for all residents at every facility
ü Monitor assessments for all of your contracted facilities in one place, users with permission to see multiple facilities can do so within CareChek under one log-in
ü All data can be stored and maintained by our hosted solution, at no additional cost to your business
l Ensure quality LHPS services are being provided
ü Monitor LHPS assessments on an individual basis
ü Track the timeliness of assessments
ü Monitor facility recommendations and follow-up from the notes left by your provider
﷯l Ensure compliance with the LHPS requirement
üMake sure assessments are completed thoroughly, by using the data collection tool built into CareChek
ü Allows LHPS assessments to be tracked, prompting providers when they are due ü Tracks new tasks, so LHPS providers are prompted when new items are added
l Track recommendations from LHPS providers through an internal portal, only visible to staff you give permission to view. ü Monitor notes left for resident care staff over time
ü Review notes from previous LHPS assessments
ü Ensure that staff are following up on the providers recommendations
l Remotely monitor and track all resident information in a secure cloud based system.
ü Users with permission can access CareChek from home or on the go to monitor and review patient data, including real-time vital sign assessments.
ü Staff can access the most current resident information via the internet eliminating the need for printed information that can be out of date
ü Decide whether you want to support the program with in-house IT or outsource it.
﷯l Track LHPS assessments
ü Know who is due for assessment and who you have already completed
ü Easily review previous assessments with the click of a button l Communicate seamlessly with staff ü View notes flagged for you by facility staff from the home dashboard
ü Leave facility level notes for administrative staff, so they can be tracked and reviewed ü See highlighted tasks and be notified when new LHPS tasks are added
﷯l Track patient information real time
ü Know what residents are due for assessment
ü Provide clinical staff with real time alerts when residents need attention
ü Graphically see vital signs charted over time, isolate ranges for specified time periods (i.e. Blood Pressures for August 2012)
l Compile facility lists and print with the click of a button ü Print facility lists organized by room number, resident name, or DOB
ü Generate facility diet lists for all residents on modified diets
ü LHPS lists that highlight residents that are due, along with the tasks they require
l Access patient information from any computer at the facility – no need to find a chart, log-on, find the resident, and chart.


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